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Human Amniotic Epiyhelial Stem Cells

Manufacturer: Cellular Engineering Technologies Inc
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Human Amniotic Epiyhelial Stem Cells

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Human Amniotic Epithelial (HAE) Cells are isolated from the surface layer of the amniotic membrane of fresh placentas. HAE cells retain embryonic stem cell like characteristics and express Nanog, Oct-4 and Sox-2. These cells are useful for tissue differentiation of all three germ layers, including the ectoderm, endoderm, and the mesoderm. Some examples of tissue differentiation applications include converstion into pancreatic islet cells, hepatocyte like cells, cardiomyocytes and neuron like cells.

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100,000 Cells size HAEC-100 £195.00/€273.00
500,000 Cells size HAEC-500 £695.00/€973.00

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