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4 Way Cube Flipper Microtube Rack

Manufacturer: Bioquote Limited
Shipping: Standard

4 Way Cube Flipper Microtube Rack

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This 4-Way cube rack set consists of four different coloured tube racks in a clear support tray. Each cube may be rotated independently to allow simultaneous racking of several different tube sizes.

Each cube can take at any one time:

2 x 50ml tubes or

6 x 15ml tubes or

9 x 12mm tubes (1.5ml-2.0ml microtubes) or

12 x 0.5-0.65ml microtubes.

The racks are manufactured from rugged polypropylene. They are autoclavable.

Each Set consists or four different neon coloured cubes plus holding tray or four different standard coloured cubes plus holding tray.


SizeCatalogue noPrice 
1 Set Neon Colours size BZ8971-N1 £39.00/€54.60
5 Sets Neon Colours size BZ8971-N5 £130.00/€182.00
1 Set Standard Colours size BZ8971-S1 £39.00/€54.60
5 Sets Standard Colours size BZ8971-S5 £130.00/€182.00

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