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Lumigen APS-5

Manufacturer: Lumigen Inc
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Lumigen APS-5

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Lumigen® APS-5 utilizes a unique technology for the chemiluminescent detection of alkaline phosphatase conjugates and provides superior sensitivity and ease of use. Reaction of the acridan substrate with an AP label produces sustained high-intensity chemiluminescence. Lumigen APS-5 is ideally suited for solution assays of phosphatase activity and for phosphatase-linked immunoassays.

An Applications Note illustrating the sensitivity of Lumigen APS-5 in the detection of alkaline phosphatase on a microplate luminometer is available from Turner BioSystems.

Lumigen APS-5 in Homogeneous Alkaline Phosphatase Assays

  • Excellent sensitivity -- less than 10-19 moles AP can be measured.
  • Rapid develpment of peak signal reduces assay time and increases throughput.
  • Linear calibration curves with slopes of log-log plots equal to 1.0 -- one order of magnitude more enzyme yields one order of magnitude more luminescence.
  • Sustained luminescence -- timing is less critical. Light intensities can be read at any time to produce linear calibration curves.
  • Analytical results are insensitive to temperature from 22°C to 35°C reducing the need for precise temperature control.

Rapid Chemiluminescent Immunoassay

A sandwich immunoassay for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) performed with an Immulite TSH Third Generation TSH Assay kit yielded a linear plot from 0.003 mIU/L to 75 mIU/L with excellent assay precision. Lumigen APS-5 was substituted for the normal dioxetane substrate, Lumigen PPD.

Western Blotting

The image below from a western blot analysis of human transferrin was made after a 10 minute incubation of the PVDF membrane with Lumigen APS-5 with a 1 minute exposure to X-OMAT film. Equivalent results were obtained using nitrocellulose membranes. No other chemiluminescent reagent allows complete interchangeability of blotting m

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