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Lumigen CCD

Manufacturer: Lumigen Inc
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Lumigen CCD

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Lumi-Phos® CCD is a chemiluminescent reagent for the detection of AP conjugates using red-sensitive detectors. Reaction of the dimethylluciferin phosphate substrate with an AP label generates a transient dioxetanone intermediate which decomposes to produce high-intensity orange-red chemiluminescence. CCD is ideally suited for use with Charge Coupled Device (CCD) cameras and photodiode detection systems.


  • Excellent sensitivity—less than 10-20 moles of AP can be measured.
  • Red chemiluminescence matches optimal sensitivity of CCD and photodiode detectors.
  • Linear calibration curves with slopes of log-log plots equal to 1.0—one order of magnitude more enzyme yields one order of magnitude more luminescence.
  • Sustained luminescence—timing is less critical. Light intensities can be read at any time to produce linear calibration curves.

Ultrasensitive detection with Lumi-Phos CCD is illustrated in a sandwich immunoassay for thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). The automated assay was performed with an Immulite TSH Third Generation TSH Assay kit and yielded a linear plot from 0.003 to 67 mIU/L with good assay precision.

This image from a western blot analysis of β-galactosidase was made after a 10 minute incubation of the PVDF membrane with Lumigen CCD and a 1 minute exposure with a CCD camera system. Excellent results were obtained using either PVDF or nitrocellulose membranes.

Light emission from AP-labeled bands on blotting membranes detected with Lumi-Phos CCD persists at usable levels for over a day. The series of images below were obtained in a dot blot analysis of digoxigenin-labeled pBR328 plasmid DNA on nylon membrane. All images were made with a 1 minute exposure on a CC


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