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Lumigen PS-2 flash chemiluminescent substrate

Manufacturer: Lumigen Inc
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Lumigen PS-2 flash chemiluminescent substrate

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Lumigen® PS-2 is a unique substrate for the chemiluminescent detection of HRP conjugates which produces a stable acridinium ester intermediate. The subsequent chemiluminescent process, which provides excellent sensitivity and superior ease of use, involves the controlled triggering of light emission by adding a solution of alkaline peroxide to the accumulated acridinium ester. Light is emitted as a flash, lasting 2-3 seconds. Lumigen PS-2 is ideally suited for automated solution assays of peroxidase activity and for peroxidase-linked immunoassays, especially in high-volume applications.


Lumigen PS-2 in Homogeneous Horseradish Peroxidase Assays

  • Flash luminescence ideal for automated, high-volume assays.
  • Ability to separate enzymatic and light producing steps provides greater flexibility.
  • Excellent sensitivity 10-19 moles HRP can be measured.
  • Low reagent background combined with intense enzymatically generated light output yields high signal to background ratios.
  • Linear calibration curves with slopes of log-log plots equal to 1.0--one order of magnitude more enzyme yields one order of magnitude more luminescence.
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