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AeroGard 1-30ul Aerosol-Barrier Pipette Tips (Yellow or Natural Tips)

Manufacturer: Bioquote Limited
Shipping: Standard

AeroGard aerosol barrier pipette tips use inert bonded polymer filters as the aerosol barriers, these coalesce air-bourne contaminants before they can come into contact with the shafts of air-displacement pipettors. This helps to eliminate the potential risk of cross-contamination of liquid samples during rapid pipetting. The bonded polymer filter is made of a close sintered bonded polymer which is a very effective barrier to aerosol contamination.

If accidential over pipetting is a concern, this ridgid bonded polymer material will block the flow of excess fluid and prevent liquid from contacting with the pipette shaft, they will not seal off and trap the liquid sample. This ensures maximum sample recovery, without having to cut open the tip in order to break the air lock seal. The barrier in each tip is manufactured to precise air-flow standards to ensure accurate reproducable results in critical micro-volume ranges.

AeroGard Tips are Autoclavable.

AeroGards tips are specifically designed for use with Pipetteman, Eppendorf, Finnpipette and other pipettors. Applications include Dna/Rna amplification, radioisotope labelling and other discrete sampling procedures requiring an aerosol free system for transferring volatile or hazardous sample volumes.

Certified RNase/DNase Free.

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10x96 Yellow Tips Racked Sterile size AY0031-MRS £69.00/€96.60
10x96 Natural Tips Racked Sterile size AN0031-MRS £69.00/€96.60

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