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GeneCellin - Transfection Reagent

Manufacturer: BioCellChallenge SAS
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GeneCellin - Transfection Reagent

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GeneCellin DNA Transfection Reagent Advantages :

High efficiency & reproducibility.

Maximum cell viability.

Low amount of DNA required.

Serum compatible.

Rapid one-tube product.

GeneCellin is ideal to transfect :

Adherent & transient transfections.

Primary cells.

Hard-to-transfect cells.

Applications :

Stable & transient transfections.


Reverse transfections.

GeneCellinTM is a powerful in vitro transfection reagent (patent pending) which allows to achieve higher delivery efficiencies of plasmid DNA into cell lines and primary cells compared to other lipid and polymer based transfection reagents. This innovative transfection reagent is composed by a stable formulation of nanoparticules we have named “nanoporters”. This technology allows achieving superior and reproducible transgene expression levels without any toxic effect.

Number of Transfections in a 24 well plate:

GC500   500ul    250

GC1000    1ml    500

GC5000    5ml   2500

Transfection efficiency in different cell lines :

A549     60%

B50       60%

B65       35%

BHK21    65%

Calu-1    70%

CHO       90%

Colo       20%

COS-7    90%

HCT-116 75%

HEK 293  95%

HeLa      95%

HEPG2    55%

L929      60%

MCF-7    30%

MDCK     85%

NIH3T3   95%

Raw 264  60%

Vero       50%

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0.5ml size GC500 £140.00/€196.00
1.0ml size GC1000 £240.00/€336.00
5x1.0ml size GC5000 £1,100.00/€1,540.00

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