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MagnaLink BeadLink Kit

Manufacturer: Solulink
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MagnaLink BeadLink Kit

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Solulink’s MagnaLink BeadLink™ Kit allows immobilization of 100 μg of an antibody on 2 mg 4FB-MagnaLink™ (2.8 μm magnetic beads) with >90% efficiency.

The process is complete in about 5.5 hours, requiring only about 30 minutes hands-on time. The kit contains all of the components required to perform the immobilization. The figure to the left presents the BeadLink Kit workflow. Using Solulink’s two linker system, modify your antibody with the HyNic crosslinker, which attaches to MagnaLink™ (2.8 micron magnetic beads) — all provided in the kit.

All previous protein immobilization technologies have been based on incorporation of amino-reactive groups, such as NHS, epoxy,tosyl, cyanogen bromide (CNBr), or azlactone, on surfaces which react with lysine groups on proteins. Immobilization efficiencies are universally very poor (<25%) unless high protein concentrations are used (i.e., >10 mg/mL) or an excess of beads are added. Furthermore,there is no control over the number of bonds formed between the protein and the bead since multiple lysines can react with multiple amino-reactive groups on the surface following the initial covalent bond-forming reaction.The mild reaction conditions and high immobilization efficiencies of Solulink’s BeadLink Kits provide a novel and more efficient way of linking antibodies to beads compared to any other existing method. Solulink’s biomolecular immobilization differs in that the antibody or protein is modified to incorporate an aromatic hydrazine linker, i.e., HyNic (6-hydrazinonicotinamide), under controlled, mild NHS-ester modification conditions followed by incubation with 4FB-modified (benzaldehyde-modified) beads in the presence of an aniline catalyst. The protein is immobilized immobilizing the protein via a stable bis‑arylhydrazone bond. Under these conditions, covalent linking occurs only between the HyNic and 4FB groups.

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