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All Purpose Crosslinking Kit with S-HyNic

Manufacturer: Solulink
Shipping: Cold Gel Packs

General use linking kit for proteins, peptides, oligos, beads or surfaces to anything. Everything included, no experience needed.

The S-HyNic Conjugation Kit can be used to covalently crosslink any two amine containing biomolecules. HydraLink™ conjugation chemistry is based on the reaction of a HyNic linker with a 4FB linker to form a stable hydrazone bond. The bond created is both stable and UV-traceable. This unique covalent bond is created when the HyNic linker, incorporated into one type of biomolecule reacts with the 4FB linker, incorporated into the second biomolecule. S-HyNic and S-4FB were designed and engineered to be complementary and thus they react only with each other and not with other protein functional groups.

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Kit size S-9002-1 £295.00/€413.00

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