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Perfecta 3D 384 Well Hanging Drop Plates

Manufacturer: 3D Biomatrix
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Perfecta 3D 384 Well Hanging Drop Plates

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Why test your compounds in 2D cell cultures when you can get more physiologically-relevant data in 3D cell cultures?

Unlock the potential of 3D spheroid cultures and assays. Now hanging drop cultures are hassle-free as you carry out spheroid growth and analysis on the same plate!

Perfecta3D™ Hanging Drop Plate is a high-throughput and versatile three-dimensional (3D) cell culture device that simplifies and streamlines spheroid formation, culture, and subsequent testing of the obtained 3D cellular constructs.

Mimic Your Target Tissue.

Now you can truly mimic tissue metabolic and proliferative gradients, capture complex cell-matrix and cell-cell interactions, and monitor cell growth easily and regularly with the spheroid cultures grown in Perfecta3D™ Hanging Drop Plates.

A water reservoir is constructed around the periphery of the culture plate, alleviating the commonly encountered hanging drop evaporation problem.

The hanging drop size is confined by the diameter of the plateau on the bottom surface of the plate. This eliminates spreading and keeps the geometry of the hanging drop consistent, providing robust and stable culturing conditions.

Applications – VERSATILITY

• High-throughput drug screening assays.
• Tumor spheroid assays.
• Organogenesis studies.
• Embryonic stem (ES) cell and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell expansion and differentiation.


• Standardized plate format.
• Efficient formation of uniform-size spheroids.
• Compatible with high-throughput screening (HTS) instruments.
• Easily maintained from the top of the plate.
• Suitable for long-term culture.
• Reduced consumption of media and reagents.

384-Well Format with Lid and Tray.
Individually Packaged.
Untreated. Polystyrene. Sterile.

Note : 2 Plate Sample Pack Restricted to 1 Pack Per Customer. 


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8 Plates Pack size HDP1384-8 £165.00/€231.00
2 Plates Pack size HDP1384-S2 £35.00/€49.00

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