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Manufacturer: Solulink
Shipping: Cold Gel Packs

4FB/PEG3/Fluorescein (Catalog # S-4006) is a 4FB-modified 4FB-fluorescein fluorophore that is readily conjugated to any S-HyNic-modified antibody, protein or peptide. 4FB/Peg3/Fluorescein, unlike NHS-esters of this fluorophore is not susceptible to hydrolysis during reaction with S-HyNic-modified proteins. Efficient labeling of S-HyNic-modified proteins with 4FB/PEG3/Fluorescein has the advantage that it does not require desalting of the protein prior to labeling to remove amine-containing contaminants and buffers. SoluLinKуs efficient 4FB/HyNic conjugation chemistry permits labeling at low dye-to-protein reaction ratios. This labeling efficiency guarantees greater control over the labeling reaction and reduces non-specific adsorption of fluorescent conjugates often seen with less controlled (higher) dye to protein substitution ratios.й

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10mg size S-4006-010 £125.00/€175.00

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