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Manufacturer: Solulink
Shipping: Cold Gel Packs

TAT linkable peptide can be used to link a peptide to a non-recombinant protein, oligos, drugs or siRNA for cell delivery

There is significant interest in the use of cationic peptides for the intracellular delivery of proteins, nucleic acids, siRNAs, or drugs into the cytoplasm of cells. Although the exact mode of action for these cell penetrating peptides (CPPs) has not been elucidated, their utility has been experimentally demonstrated for cytoplasmic drug delivery of therapeutic agents.SoluLinK now introduces pre-activated PepLink CPPs that contain our proprietary HyNiclinker for easy conjugation to other biomolecules. PepLink CPPs (with or without cleavable linkers) are readily conjugated to siRNAs or oligonucleotides for the study of targeted gene regulation. Often cell types respond differently to different classical cationic transfection agents so researchers routinely have to evaluate and optimize conditions for both efficient delivery and cytotoxic effects. PepLink Cell Penetrating Peptides offer an alternative to common transfection agents. SoluLinK offers two pre-activated PepLink cationic-peptides (CPPs), HyNic-TAT and HyNic-Arg8 for easy conjugation to biological payloads and subsequent intracellular delivery and release.Pre-activated cell penetrating peptide

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0.5mg size SP-C002-005 £161.00/€225.40
1.0mg size SP-C002-010 £268.00/€375.20

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