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6-HNA (6-hydrazinonicotinic acid) (used in peptide synthesis)

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6-HNA (6-hydrazinonicotinic acid) (used in peptide synthesis)

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Solulink applies its proprietary linker technology to peptide conjugation for linking peptides to any biomolecule or surface to improve purification, detection, delivery, or targeting. 6-HNA is the parent of 6-hydrazinonicotinic acid, available for use in peptide synthesis.

Solulink’s Solution

Any peptide of interest can be conjugated to a biomolecule, carrier, or surface using Solulink’s proprietary technology based on innovative heterobifunctional linkers.

  • S-HyNic (succinimidyl-6-hydrazino-nicotinamide) linker is incorporated into your peptide of interest through primary amines during solid phase synthesis.
  • S-4FB (succinimidyl-4-formylbenzamide) linker is conjugated to a biomolecule, carrier, or surface through primary amines on proteins, oligos, peptides, carbohydrates, or surfaces.
  • HyNic-modified peptide is incubated with 4FB-modified biomolecule, carrier, or surface to form conjugate.

The result is a peptide-biomolecule conjugate with a UV-traceable, stable bond (bis-arylhydrazone) with measurable absorbance at 354 nm.


  • Simple – Conjugation and immobilization is accomplished by simply adding the HyNic-peptide to the 4FB biomolecule or surface
  • Flexible - HyNic linker can be incorporated on N-terminus, internally, or C-terminus
  • Specificity – HyNic-peptides link only to 4FB-modified biomolecules
  • Rapid and Efficient - Conjugation and immobilization is stoichiometrically efficient
  • Quantifiable – Conjugate bond is UV-traceable for simple and direct quantification
  • Cleavable Options  – HyNic-peptides can be conjugated to proteins, oligonucleotides, and carbohydrates with cleavable and non-cleavable 4FB-linkers
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