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Zeba Desalting Columns

Manufacturer: Solulink
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Zeba Desalting Columns

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Zeba Desalting Columns contain a high-performance desalting resin that offers exceptional desalting and protein-recovery characteristics compared to other commercially available resins. Zeba columns desalt 30-130 ml of material each. Samples containing as low as 25 mg/ml of protein can be processed, providing exceptional protein recovery and > 95% retention of salts and other small molecules (<7 kDa). Zeba Desalting Columns are recommended for processing compounds > 7 kDa.



Solulink offers Zeba Desalting Columns in the following kits and products:

  • Protein or oligonucleotide buffer exchange & desalting protocols.
  • ChromaLink Biotin Protein-Labeling Kit (Cat. No. B-9007-105K)
  • Allophycocyanin (APC)-Antibody Conjugation Kit (P-9903-001)
  • Sulfo ChromaLink Biotin (Cat. No. B-1007)
  • ChromaLink Biotin Maleimide (Cat. No. B-1012)
  • Sulfo ChromaLink Digoxigenin (Cat. No. B-1014)
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