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Universal V1-Puck

Manufacturer: MiTeGen Inc
Shipping: Standard

Universal V1-Puck

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The Universal V1-puck, loading dewar, replacement parts, loading tools, shipping canisters, and sample pin bases may be purchased.  For more information on the development of the V1-puck visit: http://smb.slac.stanford.edu/robosync.

The Universal V1-Puck is a sample pin storage and shipping container compatible with many automated sample mounting systems.  The V1-puck holds 16 MiTeGen sample bases/pins.  It consists of two parts shown in the image left: 1) the sample enclosure (left) and 2) the sample base piece (right).

Each part of the V1-puck has a unique serial number for identification.  Custom serial numbers are available upon request.

SizeCatalogue noPrice 
Each size M-CP-111-021 £395.00/€553.00
10 Pack size M-CP-111-021-10 £3,750.00/€5,250.00

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