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HisExpress Protein Purification Columns

Manufacturer: ClaremontBio
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HisExpress Protein Purification Columns

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Product Overview:

ClaremontBio\'s newly released HisExpress™ Protein Purification Columns can extract His-tagged proteins under native or denaturing conditions in less than five minutes.

Officially released in July of 2011, HisExpress™ Columns are quickly revolutionizing the way in which His-tagged proteins are purified. Roughly the same size as a large paper-clip and fully disposable without harming the environment, HisExpress™ Columns are ideal for laboratories that are tired of wasting time and lab space using protocols that require several instruments and reagents. Watch our live video protocol on our website to learn more about this exciting new technology.

Key Features:
- High quality, consistent protein extraction with purity of over 95%.

- Ultra-rapid protocol can be run in less than five minutes.

- Large binding capacity of over 1.2 mg of protein per column is 50% greater than the next leading competitor.

Analytical Chemistry
Proteomics Research
Cell Development Research
Infectious Disease Studies

Any protocol that requires His-tagged protein purification

Binding capacity of up to 1.2 mg of His-tagged proteins
Can be run under native or denaturing conditions

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