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Universal V1-Puck Replacement Parts

Manufacturer: MiTeGen Inc
Shipping: Standard

Universal V1-Puck Replacement Parts

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Sample pins are held into the V1-puck enclosure ports by nickel coated NdFeB ring magnets (10.4 mm OD, 7.6 mm ID x 2.5 mm).  These magnets are held in place by removable polycarbonate washers.  These magnets and washers are also used in the SSRL cassette. 

A different stronger ring magnet is used to hold sample pins on the cover side of the V1-puck.  Replacement V1-puck magnets and washers are available for online purchase.

SizeCatalogue noPrice 
20 Replacement Ring Magnets for Universal V1-Puck Enclosure size M-CP-111-006-020 £29.00/€40.60
20 Replacement Polycarbonate Washers for Universal V1-Puck Enclosure Cavities size M-CP-111-007-020 £29.00/€40.60
20 Replacement Magnets for Universal V1-Puck Cover size M-CP-111-006-1000 £29.00/€40.60

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