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Injectin - In Vivo siRNA Delivery Kit

Manufacturer: BioCellChallenge SAS
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Injectin - In Vivo siRNA Delivery Kit

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Injectin In Vivo siRNA Delivery Kit contains a new  lipid-based formulation which enables the delivery of siRNA into living organisms. Injectin reagent has been especially developed for local and systemic siRNA administrations in mouse. Due to it\'s high efficiency and it\'s stability, Injectin reagent is able to maintain in vivo silencing of gene expression for a very long time, without the need of multiple injection repeats.

Main Advantages:

  • High siRNA delivery efficiency in living organisms.
  • Local (intratumoral, intramuscular, subcutaneous...) and systemic (intraveinous or intraperitoneal) administrations.
  • Optimized to get maximal efficiency.
  • No need for multiple injection repeats.
  • Prevent siRNA degradation from RNase.
  • No detectable inflammatory response


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IJ100 size 0.1ml £250.00/€350.00
IJ500 size 0.5ml £800.00/€1,120.00

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