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Plant Hsp70 StressXpress® ELISA Kit

Manufacturer: Stressmarq Biosciences
Shipping: Cold Gel Packs

Product Name : Plant Hsp70 StressXpress® ELISA Kit 

Catalogue Number : SKT-124 (1 Plate) SKT-124-480 (5 Plates) 

Alternative Names : Hsp70.1, Hsp70.2, Hsp72, HSPA1, HSPA1A, HSPA1B, Hsp70 ELISA 

Size : 96-well or 5x96 Well

Description : ELISA kit used to quantitate the Hsp70 concentration in samples 

Species Reactivity : Flax, Alfalfa, Corn, Human 

Sample Type : Plant extract, Cell Lysates, Tissue Extract, Serum and Plasma 

Incubation Time : 30 minutes 

Sensitivity : 0.18 ng/mL 

Assay Range : 1.563-100 ng/mL 

Storage Temp : 4ºC 

Shipping Temp : Blue Ice or 4ºC

SizeCatalogue noPrice 
1x96 Well size SKT-124 £495.00/€693.00
5x96 Well size SKT-124-480 £1,795.00/€2,513.00

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