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Tubulin protein (pre-formed microtubules): porcine brain

Manufacturer: Cytoskeleton Inc
Shipping: Standard

Product uses :

  • Substrate for activation of kinesin ATPases (see Fig. 1)
  • Determination of IC50s for kinesin inhibitors
  • Used in Cytoskeleton, Inc’s kinesin ELIPA and End point ATPase assays (Cat. # BK060 & BK053)
  • Substrate for discovery and characterization of microtubule binding proteins (MAPs) (see Fig. 2)
  • Ideal for HTS applications (inquire for bulk rates)

Material :
Stabilized microtubules (MTs) are supplied as a lyophilized powder. Microtubules have been prepared from porcine brain tubulin protein that is greater than 99% pure (Cat. # T240). These stringently quality controlled MTs provide highly reliable and reproducible results in assays that require MT substrates. The average MT length in this product is 2 µm. Using these pre-formed microtubules in assays depending on microtubules gives very reproducible results. In a microtubule activated kinesin ATPase assay (see Fig. 1), the CV between samples (Vmax) was less than 5% and the CV of Vmax between assays using different batches of MT001 was less than 8%.

Purity :
The tubulin protein used to make pre-formed microtubules is >99% pure. See Cat. # T240.

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4x500ug size MT002-A £295.00/€413.00
1x10mg size MT002-XL £995.00/€1,393.00

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