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Oxyrase for Broth

Manufacturer: Oxyrase Inc
Shipping: Cold Gel Packs

Oxyrase for Broth

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Oxyrase® for Broth makes growing anaerobes easy. All you have to do is add Oxyrase® for Broth to your broth medium. Oxyrase® for Broth makes broth medium anaerobic. No need to boil broth tubes again.

Oxyrase® for Broth is a medium supplement that contains the Oxyrase® Enzyme System and a blend of substrates to maximize the Oxyrase® activity in virtually any broth medium.

Oxyrase® for Broth is available in a convenient Dropper Bottle. Add one drop per ml of broth medium in the tube. That's all there is to it!

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6x10ml Dropper Bottles size OB-0010 £175.00/€245.00
50ml size OB-0050 £135.00/€189.00
100ml size OB-0100 £215.00/€301.00

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