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Picture shows Home Source Versapin.

The patented VersaPin™ allows you to perform several operations needed to prepare your beamline or home source for diffraction measurements- all with just one tool, instead of several tools. Save time while improving the accuracy of your measurements.


  • Align the sample rotation axis
  • Visualize the X-ray beam
  • Precisely determine beam coordinates
  • Align the sample in the beam
  • Center the beamstop on the beam
  • Calibrate the sample-to-detector distance
  • Calibrate the monochromator energy

Alignment needle for sample rotation axis alignment. Viewable every 90°. Internally mounted to prevent damage.

Scintillator for beam visualization:

  • YAG crystal for synchrotron beamlines; or
  • Phosphor for home sources

Metal Foil for:

  • Visualizing beam center & beam stop centering.
  • Calibrating the sample-to-detector distance (using the powder pattern).

Magnetic Stainless Steel Base     
Can be viewed at camera angles up to 45°

Expansion slot for your customization

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Each size VersaPin-HS01Beta £295.00/€413.00
Each size VersaPin-BL01Beta £375.00/€525.00

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