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Heat & Run gDNA removal kit

Manufacturer: ArticZymes
Shipping: Dry Ice

Heat & Run gDNA removal kit

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Product Description
The Heat&Run gDNA removal kit from ArcticZymes is designed for removal of contaminating gDNA from RNA prior to reverse transcription. The kit is based on the recombinant heat labile dsDNase (HL-dsDNase) from ArcticZymes, which is irreversibly inactivated at low temperatures. This enables an inactivation step including heating to moderate temperatures only (55˚C), which is gentle enough to preserve both quality and quantity of all present RNA. Reverse Transcription can be performed in the same tube, thereby minimizing pipetting steps and reducing hands-on time.

Kit Contents:

• 10X reaction Buffer

• HL-dsDNase (50 reactions)

Storage Conditions : Store at -20˚C.
Sample Material : The Heat&Run kit is suited for gDNA removal of RNA from any source.
Quality Control : The kit is tested for absence of RNase.

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250 Reactions size 80200-250 £400.00/€560.00
50 Reactions size 80200-50 £100.00/€140.00

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