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Purelyse - 6, 24 or 48 Prep Refill Pack (without battery pack)

Manufacturer: ClaremontBio
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Purelyse - 6, 24 or 48 Prep Refill Pack (without battery pack)

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ClaremontBio - PureLyse® DNA extraction kit -

The Purelyse system is a disposable micro-scale mechanical ultra-rapid lysis and DNA extraction kit. This all-in-one sample preparation pack is the latest in next-generation technology for laboratories working in the realm of life sciences, bio-defense and Point of Care diagnostics. The PureLyse V-Syringe 1 features a female luer-lock inlet for syringe connection to pass through samples and a rigid tubing outlet for dispensing into tubes of desired size for further downstream analysis. This lysis and DNA extraction kit also is completely disposable, highly compact and absorbs virtually zero lab space, offers high efficiency, eliminates the need for harsh chemicals that can inhibit PCR results, has a 2-step protocol performed in a fraction of the time as competitor DNA extraction kits, is easy to use, cost effective and is also the only lysis + DNA extraction kit on the market with flow-through capabilities.

Whats Included:
For 6 Prep Pack:
6 PureLyse® Cartridges
2ml of 4x Binding Buffer
2ml of 1x Elution Buffer

For 24 Prep Pack:
24 PureLyse® Cartridges
8ml of 4x Binding Buffer
8ml of 1x Elution Buffer

For 48 Prep Pack:
48 PureLyse® Cartridges
16ml of 4x Binding Buffer
16ml of 1x Elution Buffer


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12 Preps size 01.351.12 £211.00/€295.40
48 Preps size 01.351.48 £355.00/€497.00

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