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Acetyl Lysine Antibody Mouse Monoclonal

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Acetyl Lysine Antibody Mouse Monoclonal

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The Anti-acetyl Lysine Antibody recognizes proteins post-translationally modified by acetylation on the epsilon amine groups of lysine residues. A proprietary mixture of acetylated proteins was used to produce a highly robust antibody that has been shown to recognizes a wide range of acetylated proteins in IP, WB, ChIP and IF applications. This Anti-acetyl Lysine Antibody has many advantages when compared to other commercially available antibodies as shown below.

Host/Isotype : Mouse / IgG2b

Clone : 3C6.08.20

Species Reactivity : All Species

Applications : WB, IPP, IF, ChIP


Protein Acylation Background :

Acetylation of proteins can occur as a co-translational or post-translational modification  (PTM) (1).  Co-translational acetylation occurs at the N-terminal of approximately 85% of mammalian proteins, it is irreversible and is thought to be important in protein stability, localization and synthesis (1).  Post-translational acetylation occurs on the epsilon amino group of lysine residues as a reversible and highly dynamic PTM that is known to be a key regulator in multiple cellular events, including chromatin structure, transcription,  metabolism,  signal transduction and cytoskeletal regulation (2-3).  To date over 4,000 proteins have been identified as targets for PTM acetylation which is comparable to phosphorylation in cellular prevelance (3).  Antibody AAC01 detects acetyl lysine PTMs. 

References :

1 Bogdan P. and Sherman F. 2002. The diversity of acetylated proteins. Genome Biol. 3 (5): reviews 0006.

2 Lundby A. et al. 2012. Proteomic analysis of lysine acetylation sites in rat tissues reveals organ specificity and cellular patterns. Cell Reports 2:419-431.

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4 Golemis EA et. Al, Protein-Protein Interactions, CSHLP, 2005, p67

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