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NHS-LC-biotin (succinimidyl-6-(biotinamindo)hexanoate), also known as NHS-X-biotin is a derivative of D-biotin, a amine-reactive biotinylation agent, that contains a spacer arm off the valeric acid side chain of D-biotin with an NHS ester group at its end. The NHS ester group at the end of NHS-LC-biotin covalently binds to amine groups in proteins and other molecules forming a stable amide linkage and releasing the NHS group. The 6-aminocaproic acid spacer of NHS-LC-biotin greatly increases the length between a covalently modified molecule and the bicyclic biotin rings leading to a better binding potential for avidin or streptavidin probes. NHS-LC-biotin is insoluble in aqueous environments requiring the dissolution of organic solvents prior to the addition to a buffered reaction.


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