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0.2ml Thin Walled Strip Tubes with Attached Natural Flat Strip Caps

Manufacturer: Bioquote Limited
Shipping: Standard

Manufactured from virgin grade polypropylene, the thin wall accelerates heat transfer providing shorter recycling times. The tubes have diamensional uniformity throughout the side wall and conical bottom.

Optimum uniform contact with the thermal cycler temperature block is assured resulting in consistantly superior well to well temperature transfer and rapid cycling times. The top surface of the tube is chamfered to smoothly guide the cap to a secure locking position. The "snap-seal" design gives positive and absolute assurance the tubes are fully closed and will resist popping open during the thermal cycling and incubation stages. Autoclavable.

Certified RNase/DNase, Human DNA, Pyrogens and PCR Inhibitors Free.

Eack pack has 125 strips of 8 tubes per strip with attached 8 Strip Caps. Product is provided non-sterile and is autoclavable.

Assorted pack is an equal mixture of Blue, Orange, Red, Violet and Yellow Strips.

Note the colours, the tubes only are coloured the caps are always optically clear flat natural caps for realtime PCR (qPCR) 

SizeCatalogue noPrice 
Natural Strip Tubes size BA2390 £89.00/€124.60
Blue Strip Tubes size BA2391 £89.00/€124.60
Green Strip Tubes size BA2392 £89.00/€124.60
Orange StripTubes size BA2393 £89.00/€124.60
Red Strip Tubes size BA2394 £89.00/€124.60
Violet Strip Tubes size BA2395 £89.00/€124.60
Yellow Strip Tubes size BA2396 £89.00/€124.60
Assorted Strip Tubes size BA2397 £89.00/€124.60

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