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Anti-Phosphotyrosine Mouse Monoclonal Antibody

Manufacturer: Cytoskeleton Inc
Shipping: Standard

Anti-phosphotyrosine mouse monoclonal antibody was raised against a proprietary mixture of phosphotyrosine peptides conjugated to KLH. It has been shown to recognize a wide range of tyrosine phosphorylated proteins in NIH3T3 cells treated with H2O2/vanadate (Figure 1) and can detect 10 ng of phosphotyrosine-labeled bovine serum albumin (see Certificate of Analysis [COA]). APY03 is purified by protein G affinity chromatography and is supplied as a lyophilized white powder. Each Lot of antibody is quality controlled to provide a high batch to batch consistency. The Lot specific µg per tube can be found in  the Lot specific COA documents at www.cytoskeleton.com. APY03 shows high specificity to phosphotyrosine peptides and does not cross-react with phosphoserine/threonine peptides in a western blot or an ELISA assay (Figures 1 & 4).

Host/Isotype : Mouse / IgG2b

Clone : 27B10.4

Species Reactivity : All species 


APY03-HRP-S (Trial Size) (1x25ul)

and APY03-HRP (2x100ul) 

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2x100ul size APY03 £234.00/€327.60
1x25ul size APY03-S £63.00/€88.20
1x25ul (HRP Conj) size APY03-HRP-S £75.00/€105.00
1x100ul (HRP Conj,) size APY03-HRP £289.00/€404.60

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