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Silwet L-77

Manufacturer: bioWorld Inc
Shipping: BioWorld Shipping

An organosilicone surfactant (Silwet L-77 is a registered trademark of OSi Specialties)

It is the necessary surfactant for Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of Aribidopsis and other plants via methods including vacuum-infiltration and floral dip. 

(Clough and Bent,The Plant Journal 1998, 16, 735-743.)

Molecular Weight 338.66

Molecular Formula C13H34O4Si3

CAS 27306-78-1

Storage RT

Brand Name bioPLUS



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10ml size 30630216-1 £50.00/€70.00
25ml size 30630216-2 £75.00/€105.00
50ml size 30630216-3 £110.00/€154.00
100ml size 30630216-4 £165.00/€231.00

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