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Microbe replica plating tool (100mm)

Manufacturer: bioWorld Inc
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Microbe replica plating tool (100mm)

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(Code 43170004-1)

  • For replicating 100mm plates.
  • Microbe replica platers for efficient and rapid transfer of bacterial and yeast cultures to a fresh plate.
  • Reusable velvet or velveteen squares are used to cover the upper surface of the replica plater and act as the substrate for accurate transfers.
  • Solid metal ring with lock nut slips around the circumference of the plate contact surface and holds valvet squares firmly in place during use.
  • Solid metal construction will last virtually forever.
  • Use with sterilized 6 x 6 inch Velvet Pads (43170017-1) to transfer colonies while retaining colony orientation.
  • Bioworld is the only manufacturer of this tool.



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    Each size 43170004-1 £95.00/€133.00
    6pk Velvet Pads size 43170017-1 £49.00/€68.60

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