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Obestatin (human) EIA kit

Manufacturer: Bertin Pharma (formerly SPI Bio)
Shipping: Dry Ice

Obestatin is an amidated peptide of 23 amino-acids and has a secondary conformation in alpha-helix. It was isolated the first time from rat stomach in 2005(5). Obestatin is a preproghrelin-derived peptide and is produced by many tissues or organs like stomach, pancreas, adipose tissue , skeletal muscle or heart. The obestatin was identified as an anorexigenic peptide and has an action on the food intake. The first studies have shown that the obestatin reduced the food intake and the body weight. It can be considered as an antidiabetic peptide by positively influencing glucose and lipid metabolism. Obestatin reduce the apoptosis and promote the proliferation of B-cells and human pancreatic islets. Due to the heterogeneity of these sources, obestatin has many differents functions. Indeed obestatin could have a function in the regulation of blood pressure and its plasmatic concentration increases in case of hypertensive patients. Finally obestatin could have a role in the regulation of the anxiety and the improvement of the memory.

Size : 96 wells

Shipping : dry ice

Stability : Store at -20°C; shelf life 6 months maximum after production

Specificity :

Obestatin (human): 100 %

Obestatin (mouse, rat): 19,1 %

Obestatin (dog): 10,1 %

Obestatin (pig): 1,0 %

Application Media : Plasma (diluted at 1/8) | buffer

Sample volume : 100 µL

Tracer : AcetylCholinesterase AChE

Detection Limit : 62,5 pg/mL

Standard Curve Range : 31,3 pg/mL - 4 000,0 pg/mL

Custom Code : 3822000000

UNSPSC code : 41116104

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