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LV CryoOil

Manufacturer: MiTeGen Inc
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LV CryoOil

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Mitegen LV CryoOil is the best solution to your oil needs. 

It has the lowest viscosity of any available perfluoropolyether oil (1/10 that of Paratone oil and comparable to that of vegetable oil), and a very low surface tension (less than 1/3 that of water.) Consequently, a dip in this oil followed by gentle tapping to shake off excess can yield protective oil films on your crystal of as little as 10 microns thick. 

The image at right, of an LV CryoOil™ coated crystal on a 75 micron MicroMount™, shows how cleanly crystals can be mounted using this oil. 

Originally developed for use in vacuum diffusion pumps, LV CryoOil™ has extremely low vapor pressure, excellent chemical inertness and excellent thermal stability. 

A note on using oils: After crystals have been transfered to oil they may seem to disappear, suggesting that they have dissolved. But don't worry: your crystal is still intact. The refractive index of oil (n=1.5) is very close to that of protein crystals, and much closer than that of water (n=1.3). Once the oil has displaced all the water from the crystal's surface, the interface between the oil and crystal surface will reflect very little light, making the crystal hard to see. Just adjust your illumination and look carefully.

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1.5 ml size LVCO-1 £67.50/€94.50
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