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In Situ–1™ Crystallization Plate

Manufacturer: MiTeGen Inc
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In Situ–1™ Crystallization Plate

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Improved Crystallization Screening

  • Increase hit rates with controlled kinetics
  • Safely ship crystals in the plate
  • Collect XRD data without harvesting
  • Features:
    • Low profile, 96 Well, SBS Format
    • Reservoir retention prevents contact with drops
    • Sitting OR Hanging Drop (simply flip the plate)
    • Drop setting & imaging robot compatible
    • 35-45 µl reservior, multiple drops 0.2–2 µl

The InSitu-1 plate enables crystallography researchers to easily grow, transport and screen crystals of their targets. The advanced features of the thin-film plate, many of which have never before been seen in a crystallization plate, allow for samples to be easily grown with more reproducible conditions, safely shipped to a location for data collection, and sub-sequentially studied via X-ray diffraction in situ. Researchers can then learn about the inherent quality of their crystal samples without having to manipulate, or manually retrieve them, which can often cause undesired changes or damage to the samples.


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40 Plates size InSitu-01CL-40 £520.00/€728.00
100 Plates size InSitu-01CL-100 £1,200.00/€1,680.00
1000 Plates size InSitu-01CL-1000 £9,900.00/€13,860.00

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