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Sodium deoxycholate, 10% Solution

Manufacturer: bioWorld Inc
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Deoxycholic Acid, Sodium Salt (Sodium Deoxycholate)

An anionic detergent extracted from bovine bile. High Purity Grade sodium deoxycholic acid dissolved at 10% stock solution.

  • Limited shelf life.
  • An ionic detergent for the solubilization of membrane-bound proteins
  • Keep away from light.
  • Appearance: Liquid
  • Melting Point: 357-365 °C
  • RTECS Number: FZ2250000

Molecular Weight 414.55 g/mol

Molecular Formula C24H39O4•Na

CAS 302-95-4

Purity High purity grade

Storage RT

Solubility Soluble in water (330 g/l) at 15 °C, DMSO, methanol, and ethanol (very slightly).

Brand Name bioPLUS

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50ml size 40430018-1 £59.00/€82.60
100ml size 40430018-2 £69.00/€96.60
250ml size 40430018-3 £145.00/€203.00
500ml size 40430018-4 £275.00/€385.00

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