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Blaydes Basal Medium

Manufacturer: bioWorld Inc
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Blaydes Basal Medium

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Blaydes Basal Medium

  • Contains Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Sucrose, and Thiamine as described by Blaydes (1966)
  • Cytokines, Vitamins, and Auxins should be added as needed
  • Provided as 1 unit to make 25L or 50L of medium.
  • Plant tissue culture tested
  • Working Concentration: 31.86
  • Soluble in water

Storage 2-8°C

Brand Name bioPLUS


SizeCatalogue noPrice 
25L size 30630141-2 £49.00/€68.60
50L size 30630141-3 £69.00/€96.60

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