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1250ul Natural MultiGuard Barrier Tips

Manufacturer: Sorenson Bioscience Inc
Shipping: Standard

MultiGuard Barrier Tips effectively block aerosols without the risk of contaminating your sample with additives.

(Note: These tips contain filters which do not contain a cellulose additive found in other manufacturers filter tips which is known to inhibit PCR).

Standard MultiGuard Barrier Tips Feature:

Small micron pore sizes <20 microns.

Tortuous pathway membrane that prevents aerosol penetration.

Thin membrane that allows for adequate air flow so accuracy and precision are not compromised.

All MultiGuard Filter Tips are Certified RNase/DNase. Human DNA, Pyrogen and PCR Inhibitors Free. (Autoclavable).

These tips are suitable for use with most popular pipettors including Gilson P1000, Eppendorf Research/Reference 1000ul, Finnpipette 1000ul, Biohit Proline 1000ul, Oxford Benchmate 1000ul and Socorex 1000ul.

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8x96 Standard, Sterile size 34000 £60.00/€84.00

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