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Bovine , Basic FGF

Manufacturer: Biomedical Technologies Inc
Shipping: Standard

Basic FGF, a Class II heparin-binding growth factor is characterized by an isoelectric point 9.6 and elution from heparin-sepharose at 1.6-1.8M NaCl. bFGF has similar biological activities to aFGF, but mitogenicity is not potentiated by heparin.

BTI Bovine bFGF is purified (~95%, SDS-PAGE) from bovine pituitary glands via heparin sepharose and ion exchange chromatography. This product is membrane filtered and aseptically lyophilized.

Basic FGF, Bovine
Catalog No:  BT-105
Quantity:  5ug and 25ug

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5ug size BT-105 £85.00/€119.00
25ug size BT-105-5 £235.00/€329.00

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