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Human Acidic FGF

Manufacturer: Biomedical Technologies Inc
Shipping: Standard

Acidic FGF, a member of the Class l heparin-binding growth factors (Lobb et al, JBC, 261, 1924, 1986) is structurally and functionally nearly identical to endothelial cell growth factor (ECGF), eye derived growth factor-II, and RDGF.  The peptide has potent angiogenic activity and is mitogenic, potentiated by heparin, for vascular endothelial cells and other mesoderm-derived cells. BTI human aFGF (15.5kDa) is produced in E.Coli (1-140 a.a.) and purified to near homogeneity. This product is membrane filtered and aseptically lyophilized.

Acidic FGF, Human
Catalog No:  BT-109
Quantity:  10ug and 50ug

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10ug size BT-109 £135.00/€189.00
50ug size BT-109-5 £365.00/€511.00

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