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Human Basic FGF

Manufacturer: Biomedical Technologies Inc
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Basic FGF, a Class II heparin-binding growth factor is characterized by an isoelectric point 9.6 and elution from heparin-sepharose at 1.6-1.8M NaCl. bFGF has similar biological activities to aFGF, but mitogenicity is not potentiated by heparin.

Our human bFGF (m.wt. 17,304) is produced in E.Coli and purified to near homogeneity.  This product is membrane filtered and aseptically lyophilized.

Basic FGF, Human
Catalog No: BT-108
Quantity:  10ug  50ug

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10ug size BT-108 £135.00/€189.00
50ug size BT-108-5 £365.00/€511.00

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