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Bovine Pituitary Extract

Manufacturer: Biomedical Technologies Inc
Shipping: Standard

Bovine Pituitary Extract, BPE, is an extract prepared from bovine pituitary glands.  BPE also known as Keratinocyte Growth Supplement is used in conjunction with other growth factors, hormones and media to reduce or eliminate serum in the culturing of some epithelial cell types.  BPE has been effectively utilized in culturing normal human epidermal keratinocytes (Tsao, M.C., et al, J. Cell Physiol. 110: 219-229, 1982) and other epithelial cells. This product is membrane filtered and packaged as a lyophilized solid.

Catalog No:  BT-215
Quantity:  50mg and 10x50mg

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50mg size BT-215 £95.00/€133.00
10x50mg size BT-215-10 £695.00/€973.00

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