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TGF-beta 1, Human Platelet

Manufacturer: Biomedical Technologies Inc
Shipping: Standard

Human Transforming Growth Factor-beta1 is isolated from blood bank produced human platelets. TGF-beta1 is purified >97% (SDS PAGE). TGF-beta1 is available lyophilized with BSA as carrier protein, and, it is also available in bulk as carrier-free in TFA/acetonitrile solution, (BT-213CF).

Catalog No :  BT-213           0.5ug
Catalog No :  BT-213bulk       5ug
Catalog No :  BT-213CF         5ug

SizeCatalogue noPrice 
0.5ug size BT-213 £125.00/€175.00
5ug Bulk size BT-213bulk £595.00/€833.00
5ug Carrier Free size BT-213CF £595.00/€833.00

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