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Salt Kit

Manufacturer: Crystalgen Inc
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Crystalgen’s high quality, reagent kits are designed for custom screening and preliminary crystallization refinement.

StockSelection reagent kits are reagent tool boxes for the macromolecular crystal grower. StockSelection Salt kits offer precisely formulated, high quality crystallization grade reagent stocks in convenient kits. The chemicals utilized in StockSeletion Salt Kits are the same, crystallization grade, ultra-high purity chemicals ultilized in the Crystalgen kits. StockSelection reagents are carefully formulated under strict quality standards to ensure reliable performance.

StockSelection kits are convenient. Each reagent in a StockSelection kits is available in convenient concentration making crystal set ups quick and easy.

StockSelection Salt Kits™ contains 50 unique salts, preformulated at convinient stock concentrations, each in 10 ml volumes. StockSelection Salt is designed to help researchers improve the speed, accuracy and quality of the formulation of crystallization optimization solutions. Users can use the individual StockSelection reagents to formulate custom screen solutions or accurately reproduce standard screen solutions or accurately reproduce standard screen solutions or accurately reproduce standard screen solutions from Crystalgen kits. All salt solutions are ready to use.

A unique feature of the StockSelection Salt Kit is that it allows the researcher to access preformulated salt solutions in a single kit in a 5 x 8 inch water-proof footprint that saves precious lab storage space. The reagents in the Salt Kits are synergistic with the Crystalgen Optimized reagents, so when larger volumes of a salt are needed, or replacement solution is required, researchers can obtain the reagent from the same products.Our salt kits also reduces the chance of errors. Stocks form the same lot products remove calculation, measurement, and formulation errors.

Our salt solutions also reduce the chance of errors. Researchers don’t have to do the measurements and formulation, and selection the source of chemicals and reagents. All they need to do is to set up the experiments and pipetting.

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StockSelections Salts Kits are preformulated, sterile filtered sets of salt stocks. StockSelection Salt reagents are supplied as 10 ml stock volumes. StockSelection Salt Kit is comprised of 50 selected reagents.


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