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pH Screen Kit

Manufacturer: Crystalgen Inc
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Crystalgen’s high quality, reagent kits are designed for custom screening and preliminary crystallization refinement.

Stock Selection reagent kits are reagent tool boxes for the macromolecular crystal grower. StockSelection™ pH screen kits offer precisely formulated, high quality crystallization grade reagent stocks in convenient kits. The chemicals utilized in StockSeletion™ pH screen kits are the same, crystallization grade, ultra-high purity chemicals utilized in the Crystalgen kits.StockSelection reagents are carefully formulated under strict quality standards to ensure reliable performance.

StockSelection™ pH Screen kits are convenient and complete kit with buffers pHed from 2.2 to 11.0 in increments of 0.2 pH units. Each reagent in StockSelection™ kits is available in convenient concentration making crystal set ups quick and easy.

The generation of custom screens or Optimized conditions now simply involves pipetting Screen pH kit reagents from convenient kit. This portfolio of buffers between pH 2 and 11, along with wide arrays of salts, polymers, and organic solvents also stimulates creativity since all the tools are readily and conveniently available. All researcher need to do is select the reagent.

The convenience also reduces the chance of errors. Preformulated stocks eliminate calculation, measurement, and formulation errors.

Order Information

StockSelection™ pH Screen is a performulated, sterile filtered set of titrated buffer stocks. The stockSelections buffer stock reagents are supplied as 1.0 M stock solutions in 10 milliliter volumes. Each StockSelections pH screen buffer reagent is carefully titrated using hydrochloric acid or sodium hydroxide. StockSelections pH Screen is comprised of 50 unique reagents covering the pH rang of 2.2 to 11 in 0.2 pH unit increments.

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