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Optical Clear Film

Manufacturer: Crystalgen Inc
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The Optical Clear film is pressure-sensitive. The film is designed to use manually or to use with the Semi-Automated protein crystallography plate. This transparent sealing film can be used with all existing crystallography plates such as Crystalgen® 96 well protein crystallization plate, Corning® 96 & 384 well crystallization plate, and Greiner 96 well plate. In addition to sealing the crystallography plates, the transparent film can be used to seal PCR plates, and strips made of polypropylene, polystyrene and polycarbonate. The film is precut to completely fit 96 well and 384 well crystallography plate or microplates. The end tabs of the film are perforated to facilitate positioning while eliminating fingerprints.


* Optically clear

* Easy to apply, position and remove

* Minimal evaporation

* No stick until pressure is applied

* No cross-well contamination

* Functional temperature range between -80 degree C and 110 degree C

* Compatible with aqueous and organic solvents

* Form-fitting design and seals fingertips

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100 Films/Pack size 23-268 £75.00/€105.00
10x100 Films/Case size 23-269 £545.00/€763.00

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